Netflix and Chill?

Everybody knows about the TV show/movie streaming website Netflix. It is (or should be) a household media player. You get the bang out of your buck with the amount of shows/movies and quality of service for $9.99. With what seems like millions of options to watch, it is often hard to find something to binge watch or have a movie night with.


Currently, the show that I have chosen to watch is the thrilling action series The Blacklist (2013) on NetflixThe Blacklist is about Raymond Reddington, otherwise known as “Red”, a world renowned fugitive who concedes his knowledge to the FBI. He does this so he can execute a ‘blacklist’ of criminals he has arranged as the most dangerous to society. In exchange for his services, he requires just one condition: he will only talk to rookie agent Elizabeth Keen. Red starts to become what seems to be protective over Keen, who Red eventually starts calling Lizzy. Keen, so far in what I have watched, has not figured out why Red, the world’s most dangerous criminal, has made his only stipulation her communication. At some points in the show, FBI head officials begin to become suspicious of Keen, often trying to remove Keen from various cases. All in all the TV show is awesome and I highly suggest you watch it if you have not. If you have already seen it, watch it again. 

While Netflix is my primary source of watching TV shows and movies, I also watch a lot of sports on television. My favorite channel to this on is ESPNThis channel hosts the best basketball, soccer, and football games. ESPN helps keep me updated in the sports world and without it I would be pretty lost. The best part about ESPN is the show SportsCenter. It is the easiest way of catching up on everything that has happened in sports the past few days.


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