Drew Bleeze

I have a confession.


Don’t say anything stupid

I’m a fantasy football fanatic.

In fantasy football you pretty much manage your own team against other managers in a league for a whole season. The goal: score as many points as you can with the players you have drafted, traded, and picked up in the waiver wire.

It’s kinda like being involved with a real NFL team but not quite corporate. You feel me?

It’s just fun.

The name of my team this year is Drew Bleeze. Why? Obviously because Drew Brees is my QB1 this year. I have a pretty good team. Unfortunately, my season has started off with the wrong starters in some games, narrow losses in other games. Currently, I am 1-4 but I’m only 2 games back of the lead. It appears (knock on wood) that I’m going to win this week, unless I lose to Brandon Marshall scoring 40. If that happened, I wouldn’t even be mad.

Anyways I’ve had many ups and downs this year. My first pick was Adrian Peterson. Yeah. I really wanted Tom Brady as my quarterback this year when he was done serving his suspension. Unfortunately, he got picked right before I could get to him. It’s okay, my back up was Ben Roethlisberger. Too bad he got picked up right before I could get to him too. By the same person. Asshole.

A cool thing about fantasy football is that there are also one week leagues you can play in. Draft Kings and Fanduel are both websites that host weekly leagues you enter with a couple bucks with hopes to win thousands. We’re not gonna get into these leagues. I suck at them.

For future reference, if anyone needs one last player to join their league, 9 out of 10 times I will join your league. I love playing fantasy football. NBA basketball is coming up and you can play fantasy with that as well!


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