The Last Straw

After a great semester in Professor Brown’s ENC 1102 class, we have come to the end of the navy blue and grey road. (That IS Santa Fe’s colors right??) We have the option to keep writing on this blog or we can stop posting and delete it. I plan on writing a blog every week until I am out of college. (just kidding) I do not plan on deleting my blog, but I do plan on eventually writing in it at some point.

Anyways, we have a free post today. Let me tell you, I do not know what to write about. Currently, Tyler is sitting behind me in my humanities class. It’s 8:26 and the post is due in an hour and four minutes.

Yesterday was my 20th birthday. I had a great birthday, but I started throwing up after dinner. I went to Yamato and did not eat anything because I felt like shit. It is okay though, I got to spend time with my family which was good. I was supposed to go to Tyler’s house after dinner but I could not make it. I wish I could have, shoooot.

I heard the weirdest quote ever the other day. I was talking to my manager and an associate at work, and I brought something up completely randomly. My friend said “What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?” …… I went blank. I did not know what the hell that meant, but now I use the quote often and I think it is pretty cool. Ha.

If you guys have not already, you need to watch Longmire (2012) on Netflix. It is about a Wyoming sheriff who everyone thinks has lost a step but Walt Longmire is on a mission to prove everyone wrong. It is a crime solving thriller that is just about the coolest show on Netflix since Breaking Bad in my eyes.


Pretty bad-ass crew if you ask me.

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