Goodbye, Until The Next Time I See You.

Well my friends, it is nearing the end of the semester. It truly has been a joy to have everyone in this ENC 1102 class. I am dedicating this post to the wonderful people and the timeless memories we have made in class. Please do not get mad at me if I don’t remember your name. I’m really a bad person when it comes to names, so do not feel offended.


It’s more than likely true that this happened.

First off, Tyler you ugly as hell boy. Shooooot yeah bubba. I cannot believe you would get higher grades than me on some of these assignments though. Like really I would be like wtffff dude….

To my boys Austin, Jacquez, Andres, Hayden: I really hope I see you guys around Santa Fe, or anywhere else at that. You guys are some cool people and I wish the best for you all. Maybe one day I’ll catch you guys at some random place because this is a small world and we’ll catch up and also talk about Professor Brown’s class.

R.I.P Chad. I haven’t seen him since he unfortunately dropped the class. He doesn’t even go to my publix to shop anymore. Sad.

Shout out my boy the guy who works at Best Buy. You always sounded like you knew what you were talking about when it came to tech stuff, just like when Tyler paid $70 to be on this website.

Shout out to Scott. You reminded me that I’ve actually known you way longer than I remembered. It’s cool that you remember me. I could have sworn I recognized your face but I couldn’t put a memory to it. I’m glad you did.

Shout out Breanna. We go back. Well not really. Except for the fact your brother coached my basketball team. Other than that not so much haha. …….

Shout out the blond girl that sits next to Jacquez all the time. I think it’s pretty sweet you drive a truck bigger than mine.

Shout out to the guy I saw walking on 34th. I talked to you one day when we were both printing something out, late, and I don’t recall the name. Same for the guy with the cool ass arm tattoo that sits in the back corner of class.

Shout out Kashard. 1900 for life homie.

I know I’ve left some people off but I love all y’all the same. Soon as we don’t have a class anymore it won’t matter anyways. Sad but true.

One final shout out goes to Professor Brown. Thanks for being so lenient on some of our stupid asses for turning things into the wrong places and forgetting to turn things in sometimes. It’s been a great class and even though it was a lot of work it has been fun.

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