“Romeo and Juliet” Review

“Romeo and Juliet” by Gareth Hinds is a refreshing spin on the classical tale of “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare. I believe that the use of a graphic novel opens up the audience of the story to younger children. The use of pictures in the story made it an easier read. This book is a pretty neat adaption for an ageless story that to this day is used in many english classes in high school. I wish that this could have been used in my freshman year of high school because I probably would have done better in that portion of class. (No I did not fail….. that bad.) The Shakespeare version of “Romeo and Juliet” uses many words that I had no idea existed.


Quite the cover!

Overall, I liked the book. While I learned many new words in Shakespeare’s tale, Hinds helped visualize the story in a way Shakespeare did not. The pictures really kept me going. The graphic novel would be good to use to reiterate the original Shakespeare tale. The book features multicultural main character which I thought was pretty sweet, especially considering the cultural issues that are tearing America apart right now. I did not like that some of the bigger portions of the main story were not in this book. This book seemed like one of the Cinderella stories we read, as it was altered but not changed.

The author’s note that Hinds wrote explains that he tried to portray Verona, Italy as best as he could. His attempt worked well, and this story did a great job of portraying the setting of the story as it would have happened in the 1600s. Hinds does a great job of personalizing the story and adapting it in his own way, much like the overall theme of our English class.

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