Hello everyone, my name is Nick Margjoni.  I plan to get my AA degree in business and eventually go to one of Florida’s universities. I plan to become a millionaire before 25 years old. My dream is to run my own business or be the CEO of a highly touted company/corporation.

1. Currently, I am watching the series The Blacklist (2013)on NetFlix. Who doesn’t love to netflix and chill? I’m not a good movie watcher. I tend to fall asleep halfway through or I’ll lost interest quick, so I stick to TV shows on NetFlix. This series is about the world’s most dangerous criminal joining sides with the FBI and the two sides begin to take out other criminals.

2. I enjoy searching images online. I like to look at many different things, like


Or even,


and also different future vacation spotstop-vacation-spots-in-the-world-best-summer-beautiful-vacation-5

3. One thing about myself that I think people would/should like to know is that I don’t really mind much. If something happens, it happens. Sometimes you can’t control the things you or someone does, so there’s no point in getting mad about things. Being angry, mad, and upset is a waste of time.

4. I’m a very interesting person with some big aspirations that loves meeting people. I have some bizaar ideas/theories that I can usually back up and make you start believing, all you need is an ember to start a fire. Tupac is still alive by the way.

5. I currently am a basketball coach for Florida Splash and will be returning to the head coaching position in the spring with 9th grade boys. I love the relationships I have made with the kids from coaching them. I have a strong passion in helping kids out to match my love for basketball.

6.  I graduated from THE Gainesville High, so I am a local boy. I know everything about Gainesville, ranging from people, roads, and places. Although I grew up in Gainesville my whole life, I was actually born quite far out in a little town named Lezhe, Albania on November 29, 1996.

7. I’m an Apple guy. I just could not see myself moving from my iPhone to an Android. Maybe one day I’ll eventually get a laptop that isn’t a mac, but for now I’m sticking with Apple.

8. To match my loyalty for Apple, I have a love for Publix Supermarkets. I’ve been working there since October 2014 and love everything about Publix. Publix is a fall back plan for me, even though it is a great career to partake in. I currently own stocks in Publix so it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

9. Sports is life. My favorite basketball team is the Lakers(unfortunately). I like the Atlanta Braves. My NFL team is my fantasy team. I think I may have a borderline addiction for gambling on sports too.

10. Not only do I like to watch, play, and coach sports, but I also like to play video games. Add me on PSN NickMargjoni22. No one can beat me in Fifa or 2k. I’m decent at Call of Duty and I hate madden.

This is just a few of the many different things about  myself. I’m not scared to talk about myself so if there’s any questions PLEASE do not be afraid to approach me. I’m a cool guy I think. Good luck this semester!


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